Hi. I am a Korean ARMY.
English translation can be awkward.
Thank you for your understanding (^_^)/


Hey, you see that?
J-Hope’s recent Twitter photo (211113)

JHope beanie OMG … is 1,000 dollars.



chromeheart beanie : maybe 1000~1200 dollar.

But I think the top of the hat is a little different.
crystal decoration…? i think that is pompom.


Cactus Jack for Fragment Logo Long Sleeves

Clothes are only 102 dollars.
I can’t believe it’s much cheaper than a beanie.


In fact, jhope tweeted a few days ago, wearing a Chrome Hearts beanie.

Limited Edition Yellow Yayoi Kusama Monogram Waves Infinity Pareo Scarf


As expected, Louis Vuitton Human. J-Hope.

We were able to see JHope’s lovely fashion
during the last PTD concert soundcheck.
i luv hobi’s yellow look…!!!
I felt it this time.
I think jhope definitely likes handmade style clothes.
like HUMANMADE and…
chicken noodle soup MV
One thing is very clear…
 I really envy that Snoopy doll...


I’m really happy that the first post I wrote was written by BTS J-Hope.
I hope to be able to post more often in the future.

Even if the translation is strange,
I hope you understand. thank you!