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BTS won three gold medals at the AMAs Awards in the United States.


As BTS, the world’s best boy group, the fashion for the AMAs awards ceremony was also very colorful.


1. BTS’s red carpet look.

This is Louis Vuitton Human.
Like the official Louis Vuitton Ambassador, BTS wore all AMAs’ red carpet looks as Louis Vuitton’s 2022 season products.


Louis Vuitton’s 2022 season outfit features a belt worn on a suit and cutting pants. You can also see a very small neon pin.


i think….

This is Louis Vuitton suit, members that best match! … is taehyung…!!!

SUGA, and RM…


Actually, it’s impossible to talk about fashion to Taehyung.

Because his face is already doing everything.



2. “My Universe” perform fashion with Coldplay

This fashion makes me faint.

Just send me to heaven.


BTS and Coldplay’s joint performance fashion is all Givenchy.


BTS look at this time is like looking at the ‘mic drop’ one more time.



This outfit is all 2022 Givichy Resort Men’s Wear Fashion.

It also goes very well with Coldplay’s style.



3. BTS’s butter looks



TAILORABLE congratulated BTS on winning the 2021 American Music Awards.


go jimin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you the prince of the fairyland?


Hoseok and Jimin wore tweed jackets, which look great on them.

I thought they were Chanel Humans.


BTS, who won 3 awards at AMAs!

✅ Artist of year

✅ Favorite pop duo or group

✅ Favorite pop song


You guys are the winners of the year.

we really suffered from COVID-19 this year, and I hope 2022 will be a year for BTS to enjoy the stage together for With Corona.

Because of COVID-19, the concert was canceled. Forget about the pain!
There are more days left to be together.

AMAs – American Music Awards, thank you so much!

Grammy! Watch and learn.