How can this happen?
BTS Jin filmed a music video like animation music.
This song also feels like a Korean trot.

The music name is “Super Tuna” 슈퍼참치 !
Oh my god.
I laughed so hard

Fashion styling beyond imagination is so funny.

Jin of BTS SUPER TUNA Jin of BTS Overalls fashion.

Unbelievable “young-looking” fashion.

bts jin super tuna fashion styling

carhartt Bib Overall – Denim
VANS SK8-HI MTE-2 SHOES (color : chipmunk/marshmallow)

Because of jin’s young face, he easily pulled off these cute overalls.

Luxury accessories that are more expensive than clothes

Jin of BTS SUPER TUNA fashion Jewelry

bts jin louis vuitton

Supreme Tiffany & Co. Star Bracelet

bts louis vuitton

LOUIS VUITTON Set Of 3 Pins is so cute…!
I think the tiger brooch will go well with Taehyung.

Jin of BTS styled a puppy toy 🤣

with Back-up dancer

jin supertuna style

BARK stingray dog toy
BARK Blue Whale Dog Toy
BARK squid dog toy

Did you get it?

Throughout the video, the whale on Seokjin’s shoulder kept bothering me.
It turned out that backup dancers were dancing with dolls on.


These dolls are dog toys from BARK company.
That’s funny. 🤣
In particular, the red stingray was very impressive.
I want to own a whale doll attached to Seokjin’s shoulder.

Super tuna song that goes so well that I can’t remember the original song.
I look forward to other BTS members’ super tuna dance video.

Please! BTS…!