what is it…?!?!?!?!?!?! jhope….?!?!?!
20211209 jhope entered Incheon International Airport in a shower robe.
At first, I doubted my eyes. But soon, I was surprised by jhope airport outfit.

BTS JHope wore Ugg’s robe.

jhope airport outfit

🔗 UGG Beckett Sherpa Robe ($145)


I was surprised by the cheaper-than-expected price.
I thought jhope would have spent around 10 million won.

Above all, I was surprised to see the brand of this robe.
Robe is a product from UGG.

I want to have jhope airport outfit.

ugg shower robe
🔗 UGG Beckett Sherpa Robe ($145)

The fluffy look. The cute robe of the teddy bear look.
I want to have it.
But this product is not in Korea…!
Why? Why?

The UGG trend is back.

2021 ugg trend

Ugg boots are gaining popularity again around the world these days.
I remember wearing a lot of Ugg boots in the past, too.

2021 ugg trend
What’s wrong with Adam Sandler’s fashion?

Men are no exception.
Fast Hollywood star men are already wearing Uggs.

uff boots slipper

In addition, Ugg slippers are popular in Korea. To be exact, fur slippers are popular.

Of course, I have one.
I’m wearing it really well.
(Oh, I need to analyze j-hope’s fashion…What am I talking about?)

JHope airport outfit always trendy.

jhope incheon airport look

Anyway, I want to say once again that j-hope is amazing.
It once again introduced the world’s “fashion trend” to Korea.

While wearing a teddy bear robe, fur slippers are moved by the non-excessive fashion.

Shoes that are more expensive than clothes.
Chrome Hearts Slippers exceed $700.
Jhope, who loves chromium hearts these days.
Not only slippers but also other clothes are known as chrome hearts.

Jhope plastic to the airport at the beginning


When it comes to BTS JHope’s airport fashion, this plastic look is indispensable.

jhope bag

JHope’s fashion at a time when printed fashion and plastic bags were becoming more popular.
If you put cute props in a plastic bag and look closely, you can see that it is a really sensible fashion.

A-COLD-WALL* Transparent Plastic Tote

bts jhope outfit

j-hope has been carrying a plastic bag for a long time.
So cute!
I really like his pleasant fashion.


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