Louis Vuitton’s Ambassador BTS, is selling out its products day after day.
Louis Vuitton’s “Big Picture” has a tremendous influence over the world.
In particular, it is said that the clothes worn by Taehyung, a “face genius,” are so popular that they cause “out of stock” as soon as he wears them.

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  1. LV’s 21fw new BTS V fashion “sold out”
  2. UN’s man, BTS V’s luxurious jacket “sold out”
  3. BTS V’s fashion that even sold out fashion show outfits.
  4. The concert Taehyung outfits is sold out.
  5. Shirts made only for V = Sold out.

1. LV’s 21fw new BTS V fashion “sold out”

Face genius BTS V fashion style

bts v fashion louis vuitton peacoat


On the 3rd (local time), BTS participated in the 2021 Jingle Ball Tour, the largest year-end festival in the United States hosted by iHeartradio, the largest radio network in the United States.
At the event held at The Forum in Los Angeles, BTS opened the door with passionate singing of Butter and Dynamite. On this day, BTS V wore Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram-patterned peacoat, white shirt, and chino pants, giving off a refreshing and cute charm.

– Original article: https://star.mt.co.kr/stview.php?no=2021120907312461032

louis vuitton monogram crop peacoat

Cut in a cropped peacoat shape, this piece references Louis Vuitton’s travel heritage with a bold trunk stripes motif. An all-over Monogram pattern adds to the signature feel, while the top closure features a playful 3D duck toy with an LV Made signature. The coat is crafted from responsibly-sourced wool.

In particular, Louis Vuitton’s 21FW product has many products that collaborated with the illustration of “NIGO,” and BTS promotes the collection around the world.

bts jhope fashion outfit

In particular, you can see Louis Vuitton x Nigo’s collection styling well in JHope fashion.

2. UN’s man, BTS V’s luxurious jacket “sold out”

V + suit = perfect 👍

bts taehyung fashion louis vuitton

🔗 Louis Vuitton Belted Damier Jacket (2,500€)

The Louis Vuitton outfit that BTS’s V wore at the Met Museum in NYC is completely out of stock!

bts Specialty for Future Culture

BTS, who was appointed as the “Specialty for Future Culture (미래문화특사),” is visiting the New York Metro Museum with “Kim Jung-sook,” the first lady of South Korea.
I’m sorry to the first lady, but I really only see BTS’s wonderful fashion.

bts Specialty for Future Culture

All the clothes BTS chose were Louis Vuitton.
Only J-Hope stands out a little in his style.

Personally, I wanted to wear a Korean brand suit, not Louis Vuitton, on this day’s visit,

I’m sorry Louis Vuitton, but please don’t model our BTS next year.
I hope BTS’s main brand for next year is Celine, or BottegaVeneta!

bts Specialty for Future Culture
When I looked into the data, it was surprising.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, considered one of the world’s top three art galleries, is the largest art museum in the United States established in New York in 1870. It is also called “Met” by New Yorkers. More than 5 million visitors are known to have visited the museum every year. The museum’s Korean museum opened in June 1998 with funding from the Korea Foundation for International Exchange and the Samsung Cultural Foundation. Currently, the Korean room in Metropolitan is known to have about 400 Korean artworks.

It is surprising that the Metropolitan Museum of Art was sponsored by Korea. BTS Studying common sense is a bonus if you work hard as a fan.

So everyone, be a fan of BTS!

cute teahyung

Taehyung, who tries to listen to the story of the first lady, is cute…!


3. BTS V’s fashion that even sold out fashion show outfits.

BTS taehyung outfit is like an angel.

louis vuitton fashion show bts v
BTS V weverse photo

🔗 Louis Vuitton SPORTY TAILORED JACKET (₩7,276,584)

BTS Weverse photos updated by V. This is a picture during a pictorial shoot for Louis Vuitton’s 21f/w outfit. Taehyung’s fashion goes so well with the contrast between white and green. Surprisingly, this jacket is said to be sold out immediately. When I looked it up, I couldn’t find the jacket sold anywhere.


This loose-fitting jacket reinterprets a classic menswear shape. Crafted from responsibly sourced wool, it incorporates wavy cutting details for structure with a sophisticated edge. Details include an elasticated waist and cuffs with drawstrings alongside tonal metallic buttons.


BTS 2021 louis vuitton fashion show outfit

In fact, I didn’t really like BTS’s 2021 fw fashion show outfit, but I still thought V’s fashion looked really good.

I don’t care.
BTS’s face is fashion.
The completion of the face is BTS.

weverse teahyung fashion

V + Louis Vuitton suit = Heaven 😇


4. The concert Taehyung outfits is sold out.

The combination of V and Casablanca is 💜

bts v fashion casablanca concert

🔗 Casablanca Wool Monogram Bomber Jacket

The “Wool Monogram Bomber Jacket Pink” of Casablanca worn by V at BTS’s online concert “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” held on the 24th was quickly sold out on various sites.On the “Life Goes On” and “Boy With Luv” stages, V matched a pastel-toned boomer jacket with a pink tie to complete a lovely look, with V’s bright visuals and lovely facial expressions catching fans’ eyes and an expensive jacket worth more than $1,000 soon sold out.

article [ link ]
bts v

This is called the V Effect.

5. Shirts made only for V = Sold out.

BTS V, the god of sold out.

bts v concert outfit

🔗 LEMETEQUE silk shirt ($470)

Group BTS (BTS) V once again proved his “out of stock” power.

BTS performed “Butter” on the popular NBC talk show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on the 14th. While the members made headlines for their wonderful performance on the Seoul World Cup Bridge ahead of its opening, V appeared in a chic and sexy outfit of a black silk shirt with silver stripes and black pants. V exuded a perfect body, handsome cartoon character, and the scent of youth, and V’s shirt and hair flying in the wind reminded me of a youth movie.

After the “Butter” stage, inquiries about V’s black shirt were poured out at home and abroad. This black shirt is a domestic designer brand Lemeteque product made exclusively for V and was released on Lemetech SNS on the 15th.

Lemeteque announced the production and sale of limited quantities in the face of a flurry of purchase inquiries even though it was a stage costume made for V, not a product sold. However, the volume was also sold out quickly and the notice was deleted immediately.

article [ link ]


bts instagram

Lemeteque is a KOREA brand, which is said to have been made only for BTS V.
I think the designer of lemeteque would be really happy!

I introduced BTS Taehyung’s sold-out fashion.
I want to be a fan of BTS fashion more, but I don’t have much time.
However, I want to introduce more of BTS’s fashion and even more of K-pop star’s fashion in the future.

I cheer for BTS’s vacation, which will rest until next spring.
I think their vacation looks will be really cool, too! I’m really looking forward to it.

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