seokjin birthday party jingle ball

The event is full of 2021 JINGLE BALL with BTS

Today, December 4, the 2021 Jingle Ball began. With the presence of BTS, the heat at the scene was even hotter.

And the jingle ball that prepared Jin’s birthday party!
Grammy, are you watching? (Learn a bit…)

For ARMY who could not attend,
the BTS Jingle Ball 2021 Performance Full Video and
Jin’s birthday party celebration video were prepared.

It also attached a video full of laughter from Jungkook, who finished his acceptance speech at the AMA Awards with a bonus video.

BTS 2021 JINGLE BALL red carpet

WMTV – Jingle Ball 2021 presented by Capital One at The Forum

BTS’ Louis Vuitton red carpet fashion is perfect.
(You agree, right?)
V’s deep eyes. As expected, I can’t forget.
Human Louis Vuitton J-Hope, he is also the god of Louis Vuitton.
I hope you enjoy Suga’s hairstyle as well.

The Show Biz live
BTS arrives at iHeart Radio Jingle Ball 2021

You can hear Jungkook’s cute “hyung…!” 💜
His voice holding on to RM who is about to disappear somewhere.
It’s a video that makes you feel more realistic.

BTS 2021 jingle ball performance

The reason why I love ARMY.
Their passion does not extinguish anywhere in the world.
Thank you once again for ARMY’s fancam that filmed BTS so that you can feel the reality.

theultimatedodo youtube FANCAM

Regalado Reggie Loloy Valerio youtube
BUTTER BTS jingle ball performance

Dynamite holiday Remix BTS jingle ball performance
theultimatedodo youtube FANCAM

BTS Jin’s birthday party with Jingle ball

2021 jingle ball party is JINgle ball...!!!! right?

Hey… Jingle ball!
I knew it from the beginning. You guys are ARMY.


Jin’s birthday party! thank youuuuuu!!!!!
You guys are so cool! I love you!

2021 Jingle Ball – BTS Jung Kook’s episode.

JK is so funny…!

JK finally wrapped up his acceptance speech at the Jingle Ball that he couldn’t complete at the AMA.
Let’s listen to jungkook pleasant acceptance speech together.

______________________ 💜

Watching BTS’s more relaxed edition, I feel more proud of them.
Opportunities to see BTS’ year-end performances in Korea are getting slimmer, but I’m fine.
Wherever BTS are in the world, ARMY can connect!

I’m collecting fun episodes.
bye 🙋🏻‍♀️